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 Some Advise About Cameras

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PostSubject: Some Advise About Cameras   Mon Jul 23, 2007 3:30 pm

heres some advice i would like to give to yins about vid. cameras..

ahhhhh lets see your walking through walmart and whats this?? its, its a video camera, its small!!!its cheap!!! ITS A WASTE OF MONEY!! Try to stay away from small and cheap video cameras.. i have one and it only records for five minutes, its batteries only last for about 3 minutes and there are barely any features to it. i suggest you not to go out and just buy a video camera not knowing anything about it. if you see some you like write down the names of it and look up reviews online.. this could save you some money.. only buy something on the first day if you know what your doing and you have an expirience with cameras.

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Some Advise About Cameras
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