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 Varial Kickflip

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PostSubject: Varial Kickflip   Tue Jul 24, 2007 9:52 am

The varial kickflip, also called the varial flip, is a trick that combines the pop shove-it and the kickflip. This trick is less common than the 360 flip (360 flip is like the varial flip except board spins and extra 180 degrees) and is a good tool.

Tricks to know:
pop shove-it

Foot Placement:
The foot placement for a varial flip is similar to a kickflip, but your back foot is placed in the pop shove-it position.

1. Crouch down about halfway to a squat.

2. Push your back foot straight down until the tail hits the ground and starts the board spinning.

3. Slide your front foot up the board and flick it off the edge just like the kickflip

4. Suck your legs up to your chest and watch the board flip.

5.When you see the griptape stop your feet on it and ride away knowing you landed a new trick.

p= problem a= awnser

P. I don't get the full spin.
A. Check to make sure that you are putting your back foot in the pop shove-it position and if you are try tot scoop like a pop shove-it with your back foot.

P. I don't get the full flip.
A.Flick harder thats all.

P. The board shoots away.
A. Lean forward more once you are in the air.

Good Luck! affraid
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Varial Kickflip
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